Saturday, 25 April 2015

Winning Title for Book Five!

The title of the new book will be : Flirting with Friends

Thank you to everyone who took part in suggesting names for the title and I'm very sorry if your title was not the one selected. As a bonus I will be sending each of you who entered, a free copy of book five when it comes out, simply because you are fantastic.
Love Stella xx

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Those covers are all wrong...

Today I was telling my great aunt about the design of the cover of my latest book, Book 5 in The Flirting Games Series, and she told me that my covers were all wrong. Apparently readers want more romance and my "quirky" covers are not selling that.

Bare in mind that my great aunt has not actually ever read one of my books, but she suggested I should have more "Fabio" on the front. Well, I had to look that one up. It turns out that Fabio was the model used on hundreds of book covers back in the 1980's. Even you, dear readers born after that date will probably recognise him, heck he even wrote a few books starring - yes you guessed it - himself on the cover!
Check these out:

So what do you think? Is this really the type of romance I write? I think my aunt has a very different view of my work than I do. 

She thinks my books are like this:
But in reality they are much more like this:

So what do you think? Should my covers be way more slushy? Or do you like them as they are? Keep checking the website for a sneak preview of the new cover, coming soon!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Teen Flirting Tips

Disclaimer: I didn't write this, it was sent to me by a fan who asked if I would consider using it, and of course I am happy to put it on my blog as the subject is relevant. I have not changed anything and none of these words are mine or edited by me. Stella x

(Though I did get a good laugh when I found this flirting gif and just had to insert it!)


Teen flirting tips by Linda Wright

The first and foremost step while initiating any advance towards a person whom you’d like to flirt with is to get to know that you have got their attention and to make sure that they know you have got an eye on them. As difficult as it may sound, it actually isn’t that tedious of a job. All you have to do is to make a proper eye contact. It doesn’t have to be a long uninterrupted gaze sort of act rather a subtle and multiple eye contacts followed by a subtle smile might just work. In all the settings, it is a rule of thumb to keep it smooth because as these situations might act up towards something more firm similar and rather greater are the chances of such advances backfiring resulting in making the other person conscious of your actions.

Once a proper conversation setting is set up, next comes the step of establishing and maintaining a good flow of conversation. The topic of which does not always have to be you or the other person. It can literally be anything, but the important part is to keep on doubling back and coming to the point where you pass a smooth remark to appraise them or just to let them know that you are interested in them as well. This can be in the form of a compliment towards their outlook, and particular habit or something that they said earlier. A good sense of humor is a plus and essentially a must in some par difficult situation when the other person is hard to get. While using sense of humor, keep it low key. It does not always have to be a joke. One can always act dumb and let themselves become the target of some situation going on and hence become a way of the other person to chuckle. Overdoing humor always kills the whole thing.

In the last but not least is the body language that one uses while flirting with the other person. Expression of interest as mentioned earlier is essential and it has to be maintained by your verbal language and body actions. One has to be a good listener and an active one. Express your interest in everything that they say. Sit while facing in their direction. Lean forward while saying something to them and try to speak in the same tone as they are. The ups and downs of voice can also come handy in situations that are not paying much attention to your conversation. Hand gestures are crucial and must be dealt with carefully. A lot of movement might just kill the whole thing as the other person will be busier judging your fidgeting leg or the swaying hand then in the conversation itself. Make appropriate physical contact but not too much. A brush of hand against their arm or a gentle poke might just do the trick in most of the occasions. No matter what manner you chose to flirt, the important thing is to be yourself. It is only then that you can flirt as well as keep yourself in a happy zone as well otherwise it might just come off as a job which one is not always in the mood to pull off.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Competition! Name the next book in The Flirting Games Series

Hi Readers!

I'm currently writing book five in The Flirting Games Series and can't decide what to call it. So I thought I would run a competition and see if one of you can come up with a fab flirty suggestion for the title. The winner will have the book dedicated to them as an acknowledgement of their contribution and will of course get a free copy of the book.

The titles so far:
The Flirting Games #1
More Flirting Games #2
Further Flirting Games #3
Good @ Games #4
? #5

So can you come up with something? The storyline is full of flirting challenges:

Michael is struggling to work out the rules of dating and finds girls a mystery. The only one he can seem to talk to is Patty, who considers herself the funny fat friend and only has eyes for cute geek Reed, who for some reason is dating mean girl Bianca. Patty is convinced they are all with the wrong person and sets out to put it right...

Email your suggestions to or through the contact form on my website You can enter as many times as you like, but you must sign up to the mailing list to enter as entrance is for list members only, new members can sign up here:
Competition closes 17 April 2015 at midnight GMT. The winner will be notified by email. If you don't hear from me then I'm sorry but you didn't win this time.

Best of luck! Stella x

Monday, 22 December 2014

I'm missing Constantine! (the TV Series)

I just wondered, am I the only one having Constantine withdrawal?

They give you a new show, you get completely and utterly hooked, and then what happens? It didn't air on Saturday (here in the UK) as expected... I spent the entire evening tapping my kindle trying to make it update, but oh no, it turns out that there is a break until mid-January!! How rude is that?

He's currently lying in a sewer, shot and bleeding out with a ghoul from hell about to feast on him, and I'm left drumming my fingers like a base double beat for three weeks?? NOoooooo!

I just can't say enough good things about this show. Season one is just over half way through and I can see it's going to have a massive cult following. Move aside Angel, Scoot over Supernatural, What-evs Warehouse, there's a new king in cult town and he is seriously sexy.

This show is dark. Dark, like I actually got a bit spooked out watching it on my own. Some properly scary moments kept me on the edge of my seat. These characters are only from Episode one, and the show doesn't really hit it's stride until Episode three at the earliest

 Yet it's funny too. Real humour! Fantastic one liners that will be quoted for years, and the eye-rolling of Constantine at things like angels (flap off!) made me giggle out loud. And amusing things that catch the eye in the background like this sign behind him.

 Oh, and there's plenty of sci-fi trivia for us geeks, things alluded to, little quips about other characters from the comics that kind of thing. Even a mention of other dimensions to account for the film. And stuff for the spotters (hidden easter eggs), like the helmet of Doctor Fate, which Liv picks up, and John tells her "I'd put that down before it puts you down." In fact, according to this website there are 17 Easter Eggs just in Episode One

There is an excellent cast for this series too. Matt Ryan looks better than he ever has as John Constantine, and the current female lead, Zed, is one of those women that men want and other women still really like. (Not to mention most of her wardrobe, which I really really like!)
Check out these two urban gothic items (both from Free People fyi)

The woman originally cast to play opposite Constantine was Liv, who was basically written out after episode one in favour of Zed. I could totally see the reasoning behind that; there just wasn't any sexual chemistry between them. I don't know why, I guess sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't. But with Zed it is definitely there!
You can check out the body language in this picture, but I confess it was really just an excuse to put in a pic of Matt with his shirt off, sorry!

Although, actually, his chemistry is fairly hot with almost every woman he comes accross, even nuns

And for those in the know, the comic book version of Constantine is in fact bisexual, so maybe there is even a hint of flirtation with the other guys? I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Anyway. This new series is the perfect blend of dark and scary with plenty of humour, an excellent cast and a fantastic premise. The storyline needs fleshing out though, you can tell they have only one season planned right now, which is truly terrifying - how could they get us so hooked with no promise in the bag for more? I think I'll go into melt down if they don't and write it myself! That's the problem with being an author, when you see something this good you just want to take over and start writing scripts, or even fan fiction, just for another hit of Constantine!

 Oh well, now I've got that off my chest. I can go back to my current work in progress, Solstice Magic & Mayhem, which might come out a lot darker than previously intended since I've been loading my subconscious up with all these demons... lol

Do check out books one and two in the series, and drop me a line with any comments on them or, of course, on Constantine  :-)
Stella x
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 And keep a look out for the next one, isn't my newest cover fabulous?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Bringing back characters from previous books...

Warning! This post contains spoilers if you haven't read all The Flirting Games books!

I'm having a bit of a bad time of it trying to write the next Flirting Games book just now because we are in the middle of moving house! Trying to settle down and even do a first draft is difficult because my mind feels as cluttered as my desk (which is currently a pile of cardboard boxes stacked next to a bean bag) and I can't seem to think through any sort of plot.

What plot you ask? Well you might have a point there. My Flirting Games books are character driven and nothing all that exciting happens to any of the people in them, except for meeting each other! There are no evil villains trying to kill them, or interesting/sexy supernatural beings. There are no magical doorways into other worlds or visitors from other planets. Just a bunch of kids at an English boarding school.

In every book I have introduced new characters, but the old ones nag at me to be included. Especially Ellie. She's such a personality that I want to write her back in again and again. But to do what? I don't want her and Nate to break up, so she really needs to just go away and be happy.

On the other hand, people just going and being happy is killer for my storylines. Readers ask me all the time "What happened next to Sophie and Jack? Or Grace and Ben?" and I think to myself "Oh dear, not a lot happened, they got together, they were happy, there's hardly any storyline in that..."

It was almost a huge relief, when I was drafting Book Four, to find out that Flora wasn't all that happy with Michael after all, and still hankered for Gabriel. I genuinely thought her story was finished and was a bit sad about it, but no, she nagged me mentally until I gave her and Gabriel a lead role again in book four, and I was so happy I did.

So now what? I know I ought to think about Rose and Leo's wedding, but they can't get married until they are 18, and do I want to jump forward that far in time? Toby Falcon (Rose's brother) has mentioned to me that he would like a girlfriend at some point, but he's quite a bit younger than Rose, so am I writing about 18 year olds or fourteen year olds? Because it is quite a different stage of life.

Michael Brenner is also asking for a come back. He feels hard done by at being cast as a villain, he just wasn't right for Flora, but is there no-one perfect for him as well?

You can see my thought pattern as I try to draft book five. It's all over the shop!
So tell me, dear readers (if you have gotten this far through my procrastinating), what would you most like to see happen? Who would you most like to see back? Give me a push...

Just in case you haven't actually read any of this series and would like to try it: Download now for Free!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Stella Wilkinson Interviewed by Awesome Gang:

Stella Wilkinson

225371_BLOGJPG_20130313065530148Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I am a full time author with six books currently available, plus three anthologies that I collated and edited for a children’s hospital charity. The anthologies contain nearly 100 short stories donated by authors from all over the world. Look out for the Omnibus Edition in November 2014.
I love writing about young adults and devour paranormal romances, so it was inevitable that they would come together at some point. I’m best known for my Flirting Games Series, but have also recently started a Magic & Mayhem Series, soon to be followed by several other series.
I live in Pembrokeshire in Wales. Widely known as The Land of Dragons. I’m lucky enough to live by the beach, and when I’m not writing I’m generally either tipping sand out of my shoes or cleaning mud off my wellies (it also rains a lot in Wales). I’m an enthusiastic (if dreadful) cook, and love to bake chocolate brownies by the dozen. I also collect antique books and first editions of any genre at all, so my walls are filled with dusty smelly old books, on various boring subjects, that I treasure but my family hates :-)

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
The last book I wrote was Werewolf Magic & Mayhem. It is the second in a series. I actually wrote the first book, Halloween Magic & Mayhem, just as a fun novella for Halloween, but I got such a lot of fan mail asking me if I was going to continue the story that I decided to write a full length novel for a sequel.
I’m still trying to decide whether to continue the series from there, I expect I will eventually.
Do you have any unusual writing habits?
I like listening to movie soundtracks to get me in the mood. Like if I’m writing teen romance then I listen to the soundtrack from teen movies like Clueless, Mean girls and American Pie.
I eat strawberry liquorice shoelaces to help me concentrate.
If I get really stuck then I go into World of Warcraft and try to complete a quest

What authors, or books have influenced you?
Is it considered a bit yesterday to say that I still love Harry Potter? My Flirting Games Series is set in an English Boarding School and I like to envision it as being a bit like Hogwarts but without the ghosts and the magic.

What are you working on now?
I’m always working on at least three books. Right now I’m trying to finish book four in The Flirting Games Series, called Good @ Games. I’m also writing another teen romance short novel called Notice Me, and I’ve started outlining a brand new series called ESP about a group of ordinary people with some special powers.

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?
I think that interacting with readers is key to keeping up with what they want to read. So I read a lot of what they say on Goodreads, but I don’t post much. I don’t want people to think that I’m there to promote because I’m not, I’m there to learn. Basically the best method is to know what your readers want and to try to keep producing it.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
Yes, lots. I actually get a lot of emails about this, so I wrote a whole blog post on the subject, check it out here:

What is the best advice you have ever heard?
Write, publish, repeat.
Also never never release anything without a professional editor.
The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step
Writing is a marathon, not a sprint
I have all of the above on post it notes over my desk

What are you reading now?
I’ve always got several books on the go.
I’m reading Wool by Hugh Howey. It’s not my usual type of book, but it’s so good that how could I not read it?
I’m also reading Juliet Blackwell’s latest release, called A Vision in Velvet. It’s book five in her Witchcraft Mysteries Series. A great series that combines witchcraft with a murder mystery and has some wonderful characters. She’s such a good writer that I’d read a paint tin if she’d written on it.
And I’ve just started A Fault in our Stars, because it is at heart a young adult romance, even if it is a very poignant and sad one, and I think it’s really important to keep up with the books in your own genre that are popular. So far I can totally see why everyone loves it so much.

What’s next for you as a writer?
Just to keep writing. Since I quit my day job to focus on writing full-time, I’ve never been happier than I am now. Poorer yes, but happy lol
I hope that one day my income will actually be enough to cover all my bills, I think I’d better stop buying so many books!

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring?
Ooh, good question.
First I would definitely take Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson. Just to remind me of home. You’ll end up snorting coffee out your nose, laughing at this book. I almost wet myself reading his chapter on British car-parks. Perhaps if I were American I might take The Lost Continent instead. Either way, he’s the funniest writer on the planet.

Riders by Jilly Cooper. I know, it’s totally 80′s, but never has a book been written that contains so much. Action, adventure, romance, hero’s, villains, and characters that you love and hate not to mention the horses and the dogs. It’s just got such a lot of stories all tied together that you couldn’t ever get bored of reading it, so it’s perfect for a desert island.

The Bible. I’m not religious, but this book is a tome and a half! It would keep me occupied for years. It literally contains hundreds of stories, and perhaps after a long time on the island, I might start to understand some of them…